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Veterinarian Clinic: Giving Your Pet’s Essential Care

The Veterinarian Clinic at St. John’s Medical Center in Queens is a comprehensive animal clinic with one dedicated to cats and kittens. The staff consists of fully licensed veterinarians, licensed technicians, registered nurses, receptionists, vet techs, a surgical technician, a veterinary nurse, a bookkeeper, and two office assistants. Since it is a cat clinic, most of the technicians work on the same unit with a veterinarian as they will be required to report to her. Some veterinary nurses specialize in procedures like neutering, vaccination shots, and feline leukemia and lymphoma. They are very helpful to the owners because they can assess the cat’s condition based on how it acts and looks.

The fees are minimal and cover the entire cat medical needs. Since the clinic has a cat department, there are several spaying and neutering programs that they offer. It also has a heart worm gland blockage prevention program, vaccinations against distemper, rabies, and hepatitis, and a high-risk cat section.

The facility is not just for cats however. There is a separate area specifically for dogs so that animals in need can be seen as well. The waiting areas are well staffed and clean. The staff takes excellent care of the animals.

A visit to this clinic can bring you a complete physical exam, examination, x-rays, vaccinations, deworming, heart worm testing, urine samples, and sometimes a surgical procedure including neutering surgery if it is necessary. There is even a pediatric service that caters to young kittens that are about a year old. All of these services are free. In addition to the above, animal hospitals also have a pet store where you can purchase any needed supplies.

The Pet Medicine Clinic at Cornell is a full service animal hospital. You can receive routine vaccinations, catheters, surgical procedures, flea treatments, heart worm medication, and much more. The veterinary staff is very knowledgeable about their work, and you will quickly notice that they love treating pets. In addition, the staff strives to provide you with a comfortable, warm, and welcoming environment.

The Pet Medicine Clinic at Cornell is a great place to go if you are looking for quality care for your pets. Many pet owners find it difficult to pay for the services that their pets need and that is why these clinics are available. It is comforting to know that if you have an emergency, you can count on someone who knows what they are doing to help you take care of your animals. The Pet Medicine Clinic is open Monday through Friday for your convenience. If you are in the area, you should make an appointment for yourself today.

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